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`Hello everyone. We are a volunteer team that astronomy and space science education with children living in disadvantaged areas. We are pleased to present you an exemplary application of interdisciplinary sciences, which aims to enhance the natural curiosity of members with practical and digital applications and increase their interest in science with the STEM approach. You know that there is a need for online education because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in recent days, so, we decided to offer our resources online for free. Please, share link with your students and teachers. We are thinking of developing it by reaching more people and getting feedback. We need your supports. Send us your comments and suggestions as a message. This is important to us. Stay at home, stay safe and stay strong with science.` -


Astronomy & STEM

Astronomy and space science that is the largest application area of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) as a interdisciplinary field that makes use of other basic sciences that such as physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology, while exploring the universe, use and develops technology in a wide range of fields from photo plates to CCDs and from observatories to space telescopes and other spacecraft.


In this aim, is an online platform for courses, activities, applications, workshops, games, current science and educational news, and users can create their own content in this area, designed to support and develop STEM literacy in the field of science.


Why Astrostem?

This platform consists of a database of science based lesson plans and applications prepared with different learning methods for primary, secondary and higher education in order to attract members' interest to the field of sciences. In order to examine the attitudes of members in this field, the applications received through platform, workshops, activities, camps and STEM lesson plans are registered.


Who are we?

As volunteers and educators, we aim to eliminate misconceptions and prejudices in the field of science, to develop twenty-first century skills, and to increase members' interest in sciences in coordination with STEM approach by actively encouraging natural curiosities. We invite all members to participate in the Astrostem platform and all our activities in order to become good members, to develop themselves in the field of astronomy and space sciences and to acquire 21st century skills.


Motivation & Success

In this way, it is aimed to motivate members to discover by experimenting and observing make STEM lesson plans prepared with science based applications more effective in the classroom, workshop or camp environment and to encourage them to develop innovative ideas, prototypes and projects in the alternative academy.

Here's what's in it for you

Things you will get right out of the stardust with

Facilitating access to reliable resources

Members can access documents, posters, books, magazines, physical and digital materials prepared by experts online at any time.

Providing access to professionals

Members can ask questions about science and scientists, present their research and projects, and communicate with each other, our team and professionals.

Encouraging content generation and sharing

Members who reach course and application examples can search for and add applications using different filters, increase their experience and current knowledge in this field and share them with us through the platform.

Creating interactive curricula

Members have the opportunity to participate in live classes, interactively with various activities, applications, games and videos.

Announcing current science news and events

Members can access current news and events in the field of science by filtering through different categories.

Fake Sciences(!)

Providing the necessary warnings about fake sciences (UFO's, Flat Earth, Astrology, etc.).

Join our community of 2,500+ members and educators on their mission to build better science, education and stem.

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